Renowned investment bankers and financial firms have establishes 21st century would be an asian century,with CHINA and INDIA emerging as potential superpowers both economically and millitarily.

Goldman Sachs in 2001 coined the acronym BRIC for emerging markets BRAZIL,RUSSIA,INDIA,CHINA.The report stated that bric countries as early as 2010 would be larger than G-7 and CHINA to be world’s largest economy in 2050 followed up by U.S.A and close third being INDIA.

MORGAN STANLEY has stated that sensex could reach as high as 50000 by 2020.

MCKINSEY predicts the rise of indian middle class as new flight for the golden bird in its publication The ‘Bird of Gold’: The Rise of India’s Consumer Market stating INDIA to be world’s fifth largest consumer market by 2025.

Add to these the eagerness of FRANCE AND U.K to have india as a member of extended G-7.India’s quest for U.N security council’s permanent seat and warm relations between the U.S and INDIA highlighting their urge to develop india for balance of power in asia and creation of a multipolar world.

India is poised to be a global economic and geopolitic power and its the time for every indian to be proud because we are no longer just a regional power of S.ASIA but a potential global superpower.

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