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India a country of vast and perhaps most jubilant history,heritage and culture in the 21st century has got many a milestones to accomplish.i as a proud citizen of my country, am going to write my views on this beautiful countries and challenges it faces in 21st century.Foreign policy:-our preamble defines us as sovereign,the best gift for any nations integrity and self pride.and we must never put it at stake no matter what ever drives our interests to do so except in the case of extreme national interest.indo-us deal is great but that doesn’t mean we should change our stance of friendship over the centuries with iran.if energy sustainment guides us to have n-deal done same should be notion for our IPI gas pipeline .

Well this year we have achieved a total power generation capacity of 1,45,587.97 MW by july 30th.out of which coal alone stands for 53.3%,hydro for 24.7%,gas 10.5%,nuclear 2.9%,renewable 7.7% and oil 0.9%.but perhaps potential for renewable resources in india is estimated at 1,52,000 MWgreater than our todays net electricity production.today most of the oil and natural gas (72%)is imported to produce power worth billions of dollars every year and estimated to be above 90% in 2020.can we bear the high global crude and gas prices then above $100 a barrel that too when we have vast potential of exploring renewable energy sector.a 1% increase in power generation increases gdp by 0.7%.and we need to look inclusively at the growth of power .nuclear deal with U.S and agreements on the line with france ,russia,and others awaiting to be consented is a positive step forward and i am a strong representative of nuclear power for india’s sustained development.govt. plans power for all by 2012.but it is what only time will tell but certainly an applaudable approach.it’s the time especially from now on till 2020 that states and centre judiciously explore and increase the power generation to be in excess of our power consumption by 2020 and after.

Public sector should get a landmark merger with the private sector such that the current public sector employees in most of the sectors like telecommunication,power,transport etc be shifted to private sector with a higher renumeration and security of pension.which would lessen the financial burden on public sector viz government of india,and give it a opportunity to reach out to millions infact 30-35% people of india who earn less than $2 a day.the government can then act as a labour trainee for these people educating them for specific jobs.that is set up a skilled labour for private sector to employee.in this way poverty can be eliminated and per capita income can be increased .

When our constitution was drafted the pioneers behind this splendid piece of history the largest written constitution of the world never knew of the times to come.over a decade or so the politics has been religion,caste,sectarian driven ebbed with narrow minded politicians.i somehow feel that congress especially the cabinet ministers except a few are the most nationalist and patriotic not guided by self interests but for the others(bjp,cpi/m,shiv sena,bsp,sp,etc) i have a strong feelings of loathe and anger.in the coming decade we need open minded and selfless politicians who love their country more than power and will do anything for its resurgence to be the best.and perhaps perople should understand democracy doesn’t mean to change party in power every 5 years.(most of illiterates do think so !)people should be made conscience that every vote counts and they shouldn’t be swayed upon by any leader just on account of his or her false speeches and promises .and i strongly urge that future of my country be ruled by youth and exuberant,dynamic leaders who push it further rather than stagnate it.bid adieu to Advani’s,Badal’s,Karat,and co .

Well i have asked many friends and somehow got from most of them the same reply that it is stupid to open too many colleges.but i totally disagree with them.60% of our population is engaged even today in agriculture so called stagnant population i.e immobile and illiterate.we have to shell out as many we can on the path of attaining metric and higher education.and second i find the school boards being bullish in failing a large number of candidates before metric because i dont believe they are laggards in any way its just maybe they aren’t good in a science or maths or a subject or two.but if totally do away this sytem the positive aspect will be all students can choose the subjects for themselves acc. to their preference in 10+1 and after which would lead proper exploitment of talent that every one has.and result in higher number of graduate too.the idea of greater number of colleges in justified acc. to me as it imparts education to many .for us quality is not a constraint as we do get lot of them from iit’s and some other class institutes like iim’s,aiim’s but quantity would certainly be in the long run for skilled and super skilled labour which is what is being tapped by these growing number of institutes.secondly more the educated more broader and open is the thinking which will lead to better governance policies,do away of stupid rituals and faiths and innovative curiosity leading to renaissance .growing india needs engineers,doctors ,lawyers,entrepreneurs,politicians,economists perhaps a long list of them(…………………) and that too in large numbers.for that my personal idea never fail a kid prior to his tenth.

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