All the children who take up studies write the eassay “IF I WERE THE PM OF INDIA”,they embedd some of their best ideas to see our country really rising high and touching glory in the skies,But the truth is all of them don’t know one thing that they can never be PM of india under the current system.
To be PM of india earliest thing you could do is to join youth wing of political parties say by the age of 18,it will take atleast 5 years for you to earn respect and fame so that you be president of that wing and come in the eyes of mainstream political party.That makes your age 23.
And if you are lucky enough to be in mainstream politics by 23 which is real surprise than you will have to suffer atleast 10 years in building a image of your own in your area or constituency you ought to stand from as “MP” or even “MLA”.Means you are 33 by the time you are a “MP” or a “MLA”.And it is certain you will never be lucky enough to be a cabinet minister the very first time you win election in india.So your election for first time in our system barely limits you to a sight seeker who can do nothing on his own.

At end of your first term as “MP” you be 38.Now for most of indians democracy means to switch parties coming into power every 5 years,This time congress means by itself next time it will be BJP,I can say that with surity for punjab ,no two consecutive govt in our history have been same parties.
Means you loose 5 more years that makes your age 43.

And if you are still lucky enough to win next election you come to power second time when you are 43,and if you do are allotted a cabinet berth (just imagine) and you tend to bring reforms you are suppressed by your PM or CM or coalition govt,thats the case with Punjab’s FM MANPREET SINGH BADAL or INDIA’s P CHIDAMBARAM or KAMAL NATH.So your main reformist ideas will remain as a dream to be relinquished some time in future.And by the time you end your second term you are 48.

Same rule of switching governments makes your age 53.Onto your third term if you be the luckiest person on earth to be INDIA’s PM you will be marred by coalition governments ,opposition parties. if you try to bring in a change ,your own party will back off its support so that someone else they favour gains fame,
or you will be assasinated or maybe your government would fail before its term of 5 years.
Be optimist and hope you survive those 5 years like a hanging man ,you will be disposed off as the party president and some one new tradidtional will come and take your place for the future.

So don’t dream to be PM of india but dream to change the system,
Make our system a two party with no regional parties presidential form of government so that every indian who dreams to be president of india then could really be the president of india and apply his power and thoughts.
Say bye bye to coalition governments and regional parties at the centre.
Make amendment for the longest time you can serve in parliament
make it 10 years.No one should remain elected in parliament more then 10 years.
Bring in young to the power ,we have 75% of our country under 50 and don’t have any PM under 50 thats stupid.


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