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An Essay On Strategic Relations

In today’s world order the need of strategic relations with allies is a top priority of every country.The balance of power and creation of a multipolar world is what everyone desires in emerging economies.

We have had great strategic relations with Russia since our independence and now U.S.A is emerging as our natural ally in 21st century.Japan,E.U,Oceania,Latin America,Africa and Middle East all acknowledge our rise as a economic and military power and are increasingly interested in forming security and economic pacts with India.

Here are my views for India’s foreign affairs strategies:-

1)The most important factor for our peaceful and prosperous growth in 21st century would be good relations with China and adequate access to Gas and Oil.So we should reach out for deals for oil and gas availability with Middle East(Saudi Arabia,Iran),Central Asia(Caucasus),Latin America(Venezuela) and Africa(Niger,Nigeria) maintaining with healthy relations with all

these countries.ONGC,RIL,Essar should obtain exploration blocks in these countries .

2)Russia should be kept as a key partner for defence arms and equipment purchase in addition to broadening of equipment availability from U.S,France,Israel,Ukraine.

3)Indian Navy should extend its blue water navy capabilities controlling and patrolling from far east pacific to gulf and deep down the Oceania.

4)India should make Oceania,Asean,Japan as key allies for controlling China .

5)Free trade agreements should be signed with African countries,Latin American countries for giving an impetus to our exports.

6)We should develop our Manufacturing capabilities and earn capital by becoming a Defence arms,equipment exporting country to the emerging countries of Latin America,Africa.

7)RCI,IB gas and oil pipelines should go through as early as possible if they are feasible.

8)Horizontal and vertical cooperation in science,space and technology with the advanced countries is the need of hour.

9)Increase of FDI percentages in various sectors to increase our forex resrves.

10)Making of strategic oil reserves capable of supplying oil for 6 months in case of cut off.


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