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Paving The Way For Indian Century

India a country of vast and perhaps the most jubilant history,heritage and culture in the 21st century has got many a milestones to accomplish.One amongst those is showing it’s muscle in innovativeness and entrepreneurial capabilities.We have had a long tryst with science and mathematics.India gave the world the concept of zero,the science of ayurveda and the art of kamasutra,yoga,the idea of air borne missile’s and is the epicentre of number of world religions.But it is disheartening to know that great heritage once bestowed by our ancestors today is under serious threat to keep its pace with the rest of the world in advancing technological progress.

India published 211,063 papers as compared to 422,993 of China’s to be ranked among top 13 countries in the world,but far below our competitors like China,EU,Japan.The time has come that we make serious steps towards unleashing our innovation skills and entrepreneurship potential and we are at most suited age to do so.With huge demographic advantage and growing economy we can do it and we must.Here are some of my views expressed cogently to make our country the golden sparrow once again.


We must spread education at primary,secondary and higher levels both qualitatively and quantitatively.We have followed services based path to economic progress relying heavily on outsourcing like BPO,KPO,LPO’s.But in the way we have limited ourselves to all this dependent only on english language and if we wish to create jobs for those quarter a million struggling to earn even &1 a day we must look towards East Asia,Europe and teach those poor and needy who can’t afford education,to excel in Japanese,Italian,French,Spanish so that we expand our outsourcing services to eventually whole of the developed world to be the service center of the world.

Innovation is something that prospers in a peaceful and favourable environment.And we have just not been able to make a perfect blend of the two since our independence.I strongly recommend creation of high value jobs for scientific progress.We must stop brain drain from IIt’s and IISC’s by absorbing those creative brains in R&D giving them lucrative packages.Setting up of science zones similar to the baselines of SEZ dedicated entirely to scientific prowess with finest infrastructure should be advocated.Professors should be made to undergo research works and every year a competition should be held to select sharpest brains doing graduation(100-200) to be indulged in rsearches.A collaboration with the west for technological exchange and infrastructure upgradation by huge investments should be encouraged.

India is a land of Entrepreneurs.It is not surprising to have 4 of the world’s richest hail from a country with huge number of slum dwellers.We are certainly ahead in the aspect of producing self made entrepreneurs.But government red tape and too much of public sector control over industries has somehow created the acrimonious atmosphere for the new entrants and made ground marshy for the existing.But young must  take our future prospects as an opportunity and continue to fight with virility all those parameters to be active integrients of our economic story.And the woman must not stay behind ,the times when they were looked upon as just household managers has gone ,they must be active investors,shareholders and CEO’s and be confident of their personality as an individual,and as a citizen of India.I recommend lowering the taxation rates,creation of single window clearances ,privatization and greater inclusion of common’s in the progress.Easier credit facilities and supportive government policies to create huge investments and savings from people so that government be the not only lender of colossal investments required in a developing country like our’s.And getting the agricultural sector to get involved in this aspect of wealth creation is the most vital .Not only this will help migrate workforce from agrarian to industry but also increase per capita income which will further improve investments.I support setting up of research department to analyse profitable,high yieldind return areas currently present and about to rise in near future and encourage young investors to take up those results and invest in area’s of their liking.I personally like the idea of investing in solar energy and jatropha plant cultivation in wastelands for bio-diesel .SEZ’s And EPZ’s should be increased in number and spread into rural india inviting investments and ownership from the locals.

In the end i would say the time is just ripe to sail on a long voyage to undisputed success and glory we can attain both innovatively and economically.The demographic dividend we enjoy should be exploited to the fullest so that we can really be the 2nd biggest economy of the world by 2050 as predicted by Goldman Sachs and be leader in cutting edge technologies in field of Space,Energy,Manufacturing etc.Creating jobs for those in slums and those living under &1 a day ,broadening middle class and accruing upper class.I as a proud citizen of India proclaim that i will give my best and sincere efforts for creating a advanced state before my days are over .

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