I set forth to write this blog not as an Indian but as a citizen of the world deprived of  peaceful and progressive existence.When ever anyone in the world hears the word terror ,the first reaction would be was it AL-QAEDA,TALIBAN,were PAKISTANI’s involved in it or maybe INDONESIAN SUICIDE BOMBERS or BANGLADESHI RADICALISTS or IRANIAN REVOLUTIONARIES ,SYRIAN or LEBANESE MILITANTS launching rockets in the name of jihad into ISRAEL.I mean muslim world really has got a problem when it comes to solving issues.I don’t speak to denounce their religion for this ,perhaps i am none to even comment something on their religion for i know nothing that is written in QURAN ,but what i know is MUSLIM WORLD is at abject crossroads of decision making when it comes to handle political or social issues.And i personally believe it has something to do with education and their governance.

If u look at world map you will be astonished to find that all major oil and gas resources vest in hands of  gulf countries which are primarily ARAB states.But rather than sharing the profits of  oil exports amongs subjects the sheikhs and abdullas in control of these states like to increase instability of religion by threatening the world to go nuclear.Or by financing terror or by keeping piracy unchecked.U.S might have been at war with IRAQ claiming it has WMD’s but real reason at war with IRAQ was to oust growing dictatorial IRAQI regime of SADDAM.Stopping IRAQ from going IRAN’s way.Getting hold of it’s oil reserves and establishing a military presence in the gulf.

Countries like U.A.E or Kuwait whose oil reserves have deceased have turned onto promote tourism.I feel happy when i watch Roger Federer playing 5 setter finals against Rafael Nadal in Qatar or in Abu Dhabi.For me U.A.E and Kuwait are too best examples of how muslim world can stand out and rise with the west rather than being headstrong against it.

Sooner or Later oil is going to peak.It has showed signs in the past when oil went up to &150 a barrel.Gulf states were merry making in that time ,expanding pipeline infrastructure,setting up new refineries and purchasing defence equipments rather than utilizing those profits for social expenditure,expenditure on education of people,infrastructure and modernization,science and technological development.IRAN  has sought capabilities in missiles and space launch vehicles,its first nuclear reactor is going to be ready by summer of 2009.And Iranian President always talks of destruction of Israel rather than development of  Regional Peace.

And after going through all this one might think its the ARAB states who are the main culprit behind order of world peace today.No,it were the two hegemons of post World War 2,U.S.A and Russia who are the real culprits.Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan in 1979’s is the starting point.Soviet’s battled for bringing into power Marxist Democratic Party Of Afghanistan but U.S feared Russian presence in the key neighbour of the gulf states.So it supported the mujahahideens of AFHANISTAN,PAKISTAN,SAUDI ARABIA helped by CIA to be pitted up against RUSSIANS.The money for war financing came from opium production in afghanistan and oil exports of Saudi Arabia.It all got deposited in Pakistani Banks where transactions took place.So powerful were these mujahahideens made that soviets had to retreat defeated after nine years presence in Afghanistan.But the world has never been the same since 1990.The country which helped these mujahahideens to grow powerful U.S.A had become the most bitter foe of these mujahahideens.Osama led the way.Supported by illegal money , arms and ammunition sale from Pakistan he formed what came to be known as the AL QAEDA Network the most feared terrorist organization.They took over afghanistan ,implied taliban rule and such was their stronghold that ever since 2001 when U.S declared war on AFGHANISTAN’s talibanese regime they have not been defeated.It’s almost the same scenario like the russians ,U.S is in 8th year into war with no result.

Taliban has been moving into Pakistan,the financer of terror and supplier of arms for terrorist activities in the world.Pakistan’s internal terror groups like JEM, who are anti INDIAN’s are likely to be united and merged into Taliban.So we have a greater enemy just across the border which pakistan gave birth to itself but at present can not control.The mumbai attacks,the attack on SRI LANKAN Cricket team they all reflect Pakistan’s incompetence in handling terror.The nation is under threat of being taken over by TALIBAN yet the government denies every report about the same.Everyday you will read an articles saying “PAKISTAN A SAFE HAVEN FOR TERRORISTS” or “ALL CROSS ROADS OF TERROR END UP IN PAK” .Yet Pakistan never realizes that this terror network is far bigger threat for its existence than it considers INDIA to be.

Wake up PAKISTAN before it’s too late for u too handle the situation.Eliminating terror will not only bring peace to whole of the sub-continent but also help confidence building measures to bring fruits.But Choice is yours,either be dragged into civil war and a failure state by your own internal problems of homegrown terror or be appreciated as a fighter against terror and be respected by the world.

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