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Narendra Modi leader of a treasure state!

i used to think of him as a leader with business acumen nt interested in such stupid comment bazi  but he has proved himself wrong. and one’s who say he is the best cm of india must realize the fact anybody from gujrat would be best cm because gujrat has a list of conglomerates whose original home was gujrat like ambanis,birla’s etc so there comes the investments for infrastructure and also because of strong gujrati diaspora comes remittances and because gujrat is one of the few states to have oil and gas reserves in india adds to its richness.modi isn’t the best cm but it is that he is captain of the best state. in brevity he is Steven WAUGH of aussie side from 1999 to 2004 or Ricky PONTING OF AUSSIE Side from 2004 to 2007. u see gujrat is topmost state, punjab is 2nd best state in india 3rd is harayana . and people only say modi is best cm.no its wrong why not they say badal is the best or hooda is the best.its just because there is not much industry in these two states and thats because these two states dont have inherited large industrial conglomerate families like gujrat nor do they have oil and gas reserves. so i no longer accept modi has best cm of india nor as pm candidate of bjp in future.he is communal leader and i hate him for that like i do advani. people vote congress to power because it has educated elites and is secular .

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