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Ideology VS Individual

universeI believe individual is bigger than ideology,so because ideology is only a small part of one’s individuality,a justification follows from translating the statement into space,the abysmal space hosting billions of galaxies,stars.If we were to trvel far deep in space,we would come across giant annihilators of universe,The Black Holes,Quasars,Supernova,it would take them just a fraction of time to eat into the whole surroundings,one would just begin to loath oneself,the universe,everybody for living at mercy of these creatures and move far away lamenting their power without looking back at them,but hey wait on a second just look back and you will realize you can never ever experience this scenic beauty again,ahh the same Supernova,Quasars look like as if they are the brightest diamond in a garland of jewels,the ultimate artistic masterpiece of imagination,an adorable sight at just a glance no matter what lies there.You travel farther away ,reach your home Earth and again look back and smile,and say yes those trillions of stars are just flashing at you making you feel like a celebrity,You love yourself and feel proud to be in this marvelous universe.

So no matter how a worse an ideology(Black Hole,Supernova,Quasar) maybe ,it’s just a part of individual(Universe).And you get to hate the individual only when you are too close to him,too close to identify different ideologies in him,too close to the individual that you love him,admire him.But if you distant yourself from the same individual you would love him as he is for his charm,beauty and intelligence.Closeness is prerequisite for one to hate someone.

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