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India – Pakistan Air force fighter jets

Indian Air Force Fighter jets

Mig-21 , 274, out of which 149 will be retired due to ageing by 2010-11.Remaining 125 to undergo upgradation for life extension.Russia retired Mig-21 aircrafts in 1990’s and has no longer any Mig-21 in sevice.

Mig-27 around 100 in service. lifeline of indian airforce in kargil war, expected to stay in service till 2025 after upgradations.Russia retired Mig-27 aircraft from active service in 1990’s.

Mig-29 , 78 in service.Russian Fleet of Mig-29 was grounded in october 2008 , due to crash of one of the Mig-29 , study revealed MIG-29 is structurally flawed ,having tendency to develop corrosion in tail fin.

Su-30 MKI as of 2009 , 98 in service, best fighter jet in service with indian air force, plans to have 280 Su-30 MKI’s by 2015.

Mirage 2000 , 51 in service (10 used as trainers)

Jaguar , 178 in service , 35 lost in crashes.

Mig-23,Mig-25 fleets retired from service.

Pakistan Air Force Fighter jets include

F-16(U.S.A) – 46 in service, going upgrades in turkey . Further orders on the list.

JF-17 Thunder(China)8 in service , further orders on the list.

Chengdu J-10(China) – 36 to be delievered by 2014-15

Dassault Mirage 111(French) – 121 in service , 63 used as strike aircrafts., 60 modernised

Dassault Mirage 5(French)– 60 in service , 50 modernised

Chengdu F-7 Skybolt(China)- 192 in service , to be replaced by JF-17 by 2015

Nanchang A-5 (China)  -41 in service , to be replaced by JF-17 from 2010

Main Future Aircraft  of PAF, JF-17  Thunder , 250 expected

Hence at present lifeline of IAF is Mig-27,29 and Su-30, Mirage and Jaguar , total of 470-500 aircrafts.

Lifeline of PAF  is F-16,Dassault Mirage 3,Dassault Mirage 5 ,JF-10 and Chengdu F-7 , total of  420-450 aircrafts.

Future of IAF

Currently test trails undergoing for $10 billion tender for 126 MRCA  to be inducted by 2014, competitors include

Lockheed Martin’s(U.S) F-16 Falcon IN,   Saab’s  (Sweden)JAS-39 Gripen NG,   Russian MiG-35,  French Dassault Rafale,  Boeing’s(U.S) F-18 E/F Super Hornet  ,Eurofighter Typhoon(EU).

Currently developing Main Future 5th generation Aircraft – Su-35 , in a joint program with russia.

Indegiously trying to develop LCA(Light combat Aircraft)- Tejas and MCA(Medium Combat Aircraft) , (to complement Su-35, Su- 30, 126 MRCA, Mig-29 and Mirage) ,and  to replace Jaguar and MIG-27 by 2020 , if developed.

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