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Democracy in india, how it is perceived

Though constitutional democracy came to India on 26th january, 1950 , the idea of democratic society has been deep rooted amongst people of india since the reign of Ashoka , and thrived to it’s peak during Akbar’s empire.Both these kings had propagated the idea of open discussion on variety of matters , religious tolerance i.e, secularism and economic well being of their subjects, i.e socialism. Today almost six decades after becoming a democracy and sustaining that democracy despite critics predicting the collapse of our democratic institutions which infact never happened,we have come into an era of begining of democratic consolidation.Democracy has been a gift to indians ,which when compunded with free media has helped millions raise their voice for their needs without fear of state.As we are moving into unprecedented economic and social changes ,our use of democratic freedom would help make these changes effective and successful.

To illustrate how democracy in india is a privildged gift it’s citizens have, UPA government in it’s second term is trying to bring in Taxation reforms by revamping Income Tax act of 1962 with Direct Tax Code.The finance ministry has put the proposed bill open for public debate to find the loopholes , so that it could be made better , perhaps the best.That is what democracy in india has managed to deliever , openness in state legislature affairs.

The question is whether are we using our democratic freedom to check on the state and centre legislature.Apathetic answer is no. Democracy has been taken in wrong terms by large proportion of population.All they know is to protest for their demands, create riot like conditions, sit on dharna’s, damage public property, burn public transport vehicles , set trains on fire and so on and this for their individual demands, like reservation or salary increase forcing the state to accept their demands unwillingly.This idea of democracy has bred in our society corruption and lethargy .

It is amazing why these people can’t come out on streets and demand better hospitals, schools, universities, regular power and water supply, environment activism and economic reforms themselves and not depend on bombastic populist commitments of political parties which never materialise. At best even if people in india rally for these causes it is spearheaded by opposition political parties for damaging the ruling party image.Never do people come out themselves to raise their voice for things that will bring them better economic reward than for once in a decade salary increase or reservation.

This lack of concern amongst people to stage protest against infrastructure inefficiences compounded by sleeping politicians, is clearly reflected on our roads,on our airports and in our homes where electricity seldom comes for more than 12 hours in a day in summers.It is hard to blams politicians for their lack of vision in infrastrucure spending , it is us, the common people who are to be blamed.Because it is us who in a way or other have learned to live in the state of affairs as they exist without asking for their betterment.

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