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Ideas For Combating Corruption

The ambitious UID project should make cash transactions of money electronic transactions , it’s imperative that humans bargain when ever cash transaction is involved , and it is a good practice but only when it comes to deal making or consumerism , but people do the same when they are challaned for breaking traffic rules , but if challan be paid electronically on the site , chances of corruption may decrease. Maybe on sale of every vehicle an account be opened in the name of R.C owner with a cash reserve of say Rs 2000, now the electronic R.C card be put into specail challaning machines evreytime someone breaks law on the spot. (But certainly this might not even help as desired until and unless both you and me and traffic policeman change there bad habits.)After the Rs 2000 is exhausted , R.C be recharged like mobile sims if person has to drive otherwise his vehicle confiscated.It will generate huge revenues ,decrease corruption.

To address the problem of long standing ques at bill diposit centres(electricity,telephone,universities), hospitals , train reservation, etc payment of bills from mobile phones be started, (though it is prevalent as online payment but it is not as penetrative in society as lower sections can’t afford computers or internet connections , but mobile penetration is high and increasing fast amongst all sections).

Complaint submission system be computerised in various departments , rather than application , or direct verbal complaint system , and it be backed by a consumer satisfaction form whether the complaint was addressed at the earliest and payment be through mobile phones directly to the department rather than to person in cash. E.g, a household experiences say a electricity problem, he register a complaint say in form of voice mail ,or email to a computerised system in the concerned department or to a controller (like call centre operators), policy arrangement of department be such that every registered complaint be cleared before day’s end or atmost by next day (like post office clearances of mails or cheque clearances by banks) , and on the instant of clearance and filling up of consumer satisfaction form by complainant , he pay electronically like through his mobile or debit card (like on petrol pumps).

Funds coming from centre or state governments to employees be performance oriented.Incentive and Increments be subject to performance analysis , e.g for a school teacher increments in income and benefits be subject to regularity , student satisfaction feedback and results.On failure to meet required standards , no increment and incentives be given.

Wages coming to labourers from government in case of NREGA be direct to their bank accounts , rather than middlemen, managers or supervisors.Manager or supervisor should send attendance position of every worker to fund directing authority where wages be calculated and the amount be directed to concerned UID card holder’s bank account , rather than to middlemen , who fill in their own pockets.

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