our system deserves a change

our system deserves a change

My dear compatriots whenever jolts from sky rock our country we start blaming our governments ,saying that it happened due to their negligence ,but don’t we owe a responsibility towards our beloved nation .I think it is us who have spoiled the government of india by misusing the gift of democracy given to us “the adult franchise”.We prefer electing those MP’s who are near to us or who spread out more bombastic promises,But knowing or unknowingly we are compromising a great future our country can have by electing them.

The coalition governments,more importantly the representation of regional parties on centre stage is the worst political move to which we have extended helpless support and time would prove it ,That it is the most stupid and foolish mistake INDIA made since its independence.We have already witnessed the side-effects of coalition governments due to regional parties claiming stake in centre hampering legitimacy of ruling governments Be it nuclear-deal,privatization or war on terror or reservation and so on.

Regional governments just speak out the tone of communists or socialists but what we need today is a mouthful melodious tune of capitalism ,privatization of power and infrastructure projects is the need of the hour and the national parties like congress do realize that but they will never be able to do anything unless and untill they are in absolute majority in the house.And we alkways blame them for bringing slow reforms .India and china started off from the same base in 1970’s but today china has leaped far ahead of us .No it’s not their autocratic sytem that has helped them but it is our coalition government system that has hampered ,suppressed,strangled our democracy from following a path of inclusive success story trajectory.

And who is to Blame for that ,It is we Indians who get carried away by the fleet of parties battling like dogs to gain power and then ofcourse forget people and indulge in bribes,scams,murders,forgery.

Time has come that we should realize this sin and revamp the system .Because it is only us who make a party and only us who can  kick a party out(Thats the one thing i love about indian democracy).A two party system Congress vs BJP at helm is what we should support and not UPA vs NDA.Wake up my compatriots before it is too late and we all remain oppressed under the dirty politics of india which would lead us to nowhere but poverty,shame and backwardness.

I have uploaded a list of total parties in india and a video on coalition governments along with.And it is you to decide after listening that ,are they working  for welfare and prosperity of india or are they just battling each other in greed of power leaving us behind .


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