Globalization is integration of lower end technologies for large scale cheap manufacturing across the globe.Transfer of technologies,mobility of labour,generation of employment and increase of income levels with intermingling of societies is what has happened since 1990’s and in our case especially since 2000’s.

What is happening put forward in a simple economic model is a country with more than 90% of its population under poverty line has grown rich to 42% of it’s population under poverty line(&1.35 a day).Lifting of trade restrictions ,settlement of political and cross border disputes,encouragement of transfer of technologies licenses and greater foreign aid and investments has resulted in rich west forging good relations with developing world.But friendship has come at condition’s of not to challenge western diplomacy and decision making at key institutes as well as not being a military threat.

Some people consider approach of second world economies into first world economies as a threat to the latter.But time would likely prove them wrong.Second world might on gross terms overtake former sooner or later but in terms of high end techno know-how ,percapita income,human development indices,peace and security they are likely to be behind for a long long time.Considering them as a threat just on economic terms is absurd.People considering China,India as a threat to U.S on economic terms must realize there are similarly countries like South Korea,South Africa,Brazil,Mexico which too are trillion dollar economies like these but are not a threat to India or China or U.S .They are but competitors fighting for greater share of markets worlwide and resources.

It is people’s share of power that has made U.S a dominant player post cold war.And that share includes huge incomes,better health care,nutrition and right to demonstrate their free will subject to if it’s not a crime.U.S.A consider’s Taliban,Russia,Iran as its greates threats to national security.All three are military threats.Taliban is virtually most profound example of poor,wrecked muslim world.They are what i call anti-globalized.Taliban is an example how poor,uneducated and resricted societies pose a threat to the advanced.Russia is more of an old enemy of the U.S.Russia is an example of historic enemity for balance of power and interests worldwide.Iran is a political threat since it changed after iranian revolution to turn into a anti-american country using all its resources to threaten U.S(oil,nukes,alliances).

Every king knows he will be dethroned one day and it is quite natural for him to be clever enough in using diplomacy to keep its opponents at bay.But if kings unitedly pursue development of their subjects and development of all and sundry the chances of success are more.

The battle of class for consumption of resources,power and supremacy is happening at all levels.Between nations,between people of a nation from different states,between people of same state,between two neighbours and eventually between members of a house.Every-one wants to be well disposed individually first before looking towards someone else.This class battle has led to feelings of hatred of which politicians have taken advantage to get hold of sections of socities disintegrated due to this hatred lobbying for them.As a case consider 100 people.Now let us take an assumption that 25 are poor,10 rich and remaining belong to middle class.Now a poltical party A having pro poor agenda criticizes and laments policies of party B which is pro-rich.Party C seizes the opportunity by playing double standards but is likely to be Pro-poor and middle publically.So 100 people have been divided into vote banks of definite number.

In realistic terms for a population of order of 1 billion sections will be divided on a large number of issue’s

Class                                      Communists ideologies

Religion                                  Bjp,Vhp

Caste                                     Bsp

Work                                      Pro-agrarian,Pro-industrial

Sex                                         Muslim Parties of  middle east

Age                                         Youth Political Wings

Culture                                   Ram Sene,Shiv Sene

and lots other disintegrations.

For me globalization depends upon whether society is open to interfernce and adaptation with time of foreign practices.Generally rich are one’s who are likely to be broad minded in this criteria grabbing fruits of it with both hands,poor remain disillusioned by these parties to get the last meagre benefits.

Class boundaries disappear with education.It is the educated who are rich(generally).So education is the single most important factor behind world order.But then even with free education till K-12 in india a vast number of people are virtually illiterate.So,because imparting education require’s better infrastructure,sophisticated methods of teaching,willingness of illiterate to learn,availability of books,and brilliant teachers who are easily comprehensible.Once people move from illiteracy to education cyclic nature of poverty breaks it’s cycle into spiral nature of growth trajectory.Poor to Semi skilled.With experience those Semii skilled change to skilled .Skilled become rich.Rich to globalized.Globalized to consumers.Consumers to free lifestyle.Free lifestyle to want of power and so forth.

Like entropy of a state always tends to be positive ,Humans also always want to move out of jinx of unfavourable circumstances to favourable one’s.Education is the best route.And we must make people aware of benefits of getting educated.A rickshaw puller or a cobbler sending his son/daughter to school will certainly have a better future generations than one wasting his child’s years in labour.

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