Well india as we all know is a diverse country with diverse cultures and societies.But there’s one thing common in all,we might be the only one’s who have a great place for women in our lives but still consider it a male dominant society.Well times are changing fast and i for sure would love seeing more and more women investors,entrepreneurs,managers etc sharing the burden of our economic uprising with men.Today young educated women earn atleast 20-25K a month as a starter and that is one of the best things independent india has been able to do,and perhaps might one day prove out to be lifeline of our economic success story.But for that women have to think beyond the boundaries and not limit their hard earned money only to LIC’s,Luxuries but also do savings and investments.Traditional Sari is being replaced by western outfits and maybe just 2 years back i would have judged this transition as bad,uncalled-for but now i would say late but atlast i have escaped the black hole that our society,customs and traditions make us live under.Sari-western transition is another landmark in rise of a new era of indian women and i admire it.

In the black hole there,”the male dominant”,i must admit as i have heard a number of people say that they want sons and not daughters ,that they want  gifts at marriage from the girl’s side,they will suppress their daughters freedom and never consider her an equal to their son.I mean there are a hell lot of things in that black hole that just want anyone passing by to be repressed .The right to freedom of speech,equality in that black hole is for men alone and women are maybe seen as sex objects or maybe cooks or maybe care taker.

American movies is what today’s generation love viewing and i always feel why can’t indians be having the same society and culture as americans have.Why can’t they kiss their girlfreinds no matter where they are ,why can’t women be confident of themselves ,why can’t  teens be  going alone anywhere they want .Is indian democracy anything less than american democracy.And the initial reaction to this of many will be we are indians our religions,our culture and traditions consider all these things as a taboo and bad and maybe of christian world.But then why do our Metropolitans are growing day by day into that style?.They have same religion same culture,same traditions why is it they live in an american world in india.Well so its a wrong justification to call it due to religious or cultural difference.

I think it was because of economic backwardness of most of india that they felt so insecure and inferior in public.And once it started it has been bestowed on shoulders of every next generation as traditions,customs and culture.And now that india is changing especially in metropolitans ,these rituals and traditions are loosing their edge.Light is escaping the black hole ,yes its true.

I remember even i was in this world like anyother young indian and perhaps i changed only recently.There i used to think off love as nothing but a binding to marry.Everytime a loved a girl i would think well she’s the girl i am going to marry,And then ofcourse have children with.I must say sex is a word that only americans or indians in metropolitans know about exactly.For us love is about eternal trust and honesty.You might look bad to your friends everytime your love story failed but your heart knows and is proud to say “I didn’t do anything”.The girl ofcourse knows this but she loathes you more than she loved you in that short period because she is a part of that black hole,she wants to escape but can’t .

I put myself to test in my first year in college .Made new friends to discover that american world but was so deeprooted with traditions,cultures and honesty that loved to proceed forward only after telling the truth to my friend “I am going to just flirt with you,please don’t be serious”.I spent more time in that flirting but you know couldn’t love the girl.I find it strange why so?.She did talk to me in a lovely voice ,cared for me when i was sick,we talked all foolish things ,But ofcourse we never met and maybe never loved each other ,though we were so close friends on phone.If people know this for they are more clever than me they would loath me as was the case before but that girl doesn’t loath me neither do i loath her for we were maybe mischievous but truly honest to each other.The black hole always loaths everybody now that i am in light i don’t loath anyone and can understand why am i hated.

I am out of that black hole and can go on to become a selfish ,rich person away from this black hole or i can pretend to live in this black hole but be in the light .But i choose neither of these are ways out for me .I would love to be hated and drag that black hole into light so that more of my friends ,my compatriots whom i love so much to come into light and that requires me to do something no one else dares to ,i.e spread the truth and honesty and whom People call god Jesus,Ram,Prophet,Guru i call him “the unknown”.And my that “unknown” teaches me just one thing to be honest and truth no matter people like you or not.For those are respected who do crimes at darkest hours of the night with black coats and cloacks,with masks on their face so that they be invisible even to the eyes of a black cat or a eagle.For those are respected who do crimes away in the light but live in the dark.But i don’t want to be so I will stand upto fight all this and have a truly equal world for all be it men or women they are equal and second to none .They must be in light.

Those who are called good but prefer foeticides and bribes and gifts and suppression what good they are ?But black hole is Daemon who they fear to provoke ,and i don’t i would provoke him and love to die saying “Et tu Brute”,then let me fall .

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