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Why Muslims Of India Should Be Given Special Status

Kashmir---paradise-on-Earth.11947,set the dawn of a New India,but only at a cost.We lost a part of india ,which is modern day Pakistan.Just to give an idea of how tremendous the loss was ,My graduation college PEC,was once in heart of Pak’s Punjab ,Lahore before moving to Roorkee and then eventually to capital city of Indian Punjab ,Chandigarh.But that was division of Punjab ,and Punjab because of its Sikh-hindu majority demographics couldn’t by any means be a claimed territory of Muslim Pakistan.But north of Punjab lies a state ,grafted especially by its eternal makers with scenic beauties,lakes,valleys,snowy mountains and rivers,but alas there ain’t no peace since 1947.What ever i am going to write just relates to why people of this treasure land should enjoy special rights and status.

First:-For resolution of Kashmir problem ,it is very important to win hearts of Kashmiri’s who are Muslims by majority.So both state Govt and Centre Govt must follow policy framework of appeasement of Kashmiri People’s aspirations in the valley.But this comes under serious fire from some extremist Hindu groups and right wing hindu nationalist parties like BJP,RSS,Shiv Sena etc,because all they want is development of Hindu majority Jammu.And so has been the case of development.Kashmir lacks basic infrastructure and facilities as compared to Jammu on most of the parameters.My dear people of India please try to understand how important is Kashmir to India’s security needs .If only we can think beyond our religious differences and reflect on our national interests I am sure people of india would agree to give special status to Kashmir ,allowing greater investments for infrastructure and facilities ,jobs creation ,food security and better standard of living and coming of peace to the valley.This will not only serve aspirations of Kashmiri’s but also serve India’s interests at large.I am not saying develop Kashmir at the cost of Jammu ,but develop both simultaneously though Kashmir at a faster rate.If only Kashmiri’s start to see benefactory effects of their patronage under India will arise a stong disapproval against separatism in the valley.

Secondly:-This is a larger generalization ,not limited only to muslims of J&K but to whole of India. Muslims of India are an national asset,so because they are peace loving ,and are anti terrorist activitists.Hence in case Pakistan does become a failed state anytime in future unable to control extremist elements prevalent in its society,the influx of those elements into india would be a big problem.And i think we would need the support of Indian Muslims then to crush this influx of extremist ideology. And just to win their support in fight against this religious fundamentalism,we need to win hearts of indian muslims by granting them special rights so that they be proud to be citizens of India.Women reservation bill is a great achievement in our democracy to be rolled out soon,i would also love to see Muslim Reservation bill in the parliament so that muslims can be duly represented in the GOI.People might say let’s roll out a minority reservation bill ,i oppose it because muslims are the only minority in india who are not represented,Sikh’s can’t be classified as an unrepresented minority because they have an homeland of their own ,The state of Punjab,where  the state government is essentially Sikh controlled one.I can’t imagine Punjab having a non sikh CM.and also because sikh population is greatly limited to punjab and not as widespread as muslim population over whole of india serves my point.Budhists,Christains,Jains are far too less in number to be represented by a definite %age at the centre.With Muslim reservation bill ,the blame that Pak has been slaming on India for pathetic condition of muslim of India ,would be addressed by the Muslims of India themselves.hence resentment against the Govt’s can be alleviated.Other measures like faciliation of Muslim personalities every year,better employment opportunities for muslims,reforming muslim education to come at par with the rest etc must be used to make Muslims aware and proud of Mother India and also beware of Pakistan’s ill wills .

Thirdly:- A peaceful,developed J&K would attract thousand of visitors every year for it’s scenic beauty i mentioned and earn lots of foreign and domestic exchange for it,hence adding to India’s economy which is destined to be 2nd greatest by 2040 in the world.Also i would personally love to spend my honeymoon in the beautiful state of J&K rather than going to Swiss Alps when i can get the same just 200Km’s north of my state.

Come On india think about national interests and not religious interests and we will certainly emerge as a great and responsible and peaceful power in the world then.







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