Youth are undoubtedly the backbone of any country.If they go the right way a nation advances like anything and if they go stray a rogue state with civil wars is created.Today youth enjoy the fruits of globalization,we are getting better education,health care and opportunities and a large number of us are coming up as renowned personalities.Today more SACHIN’s,AMBANI’s,GANDHI’s are coming up.Professions never existing before are opening.We feel like swinging and zooming in concerts,disco’s and stadium’s.Yes i am talking about the young blood in our arteries that is making us exaggerated and optimistic about our future.

The influence of media and education is nourishing our hidden capabilities and raising our potentials.We fearlessly pursue our wills.We love to roam about,debate around or play in the green meadows,study on last days of semesters till late night and then ofcourse have a lot of fun,romance around and travel.We love to play characters on stage,to madly play counter strike and age of empires,drink the rarest whiskies and wines and dance like anything.It’s just because of our dreams of an freer and open societies living relationships,branded products and newset methods of entertainment have got acceptance in society.Everything is changing to lure us be it Test cricket to Twenty 20 or PC’s to Laptops and Ipods.

Dreams-Drugs-Diseases and Dreams-Doctrines-Dictators these 3 d’s when followed often lead to Disastrous consequences.And one is likely to follow these in his youth days.So my dear friends be aware of these black D’s and avoid them.Your good dreams are worth a million gems and bring success and pride to your family and place.

From 2000 until 2020 India is going to be locked in a serious transition and youth are the one’s who will direct the course of this phase.We are certainly going to see more of PINK CHADDI or JAGO INDIA JAGO campaigns.I feel proud as a young indian to be a supporter of these campaigns  and also happy to see youth from even rural and remote areas to be actively participating in reforming centuries old restricted cultures and traditions that has hit INDIAN science, technology and advancement badly.Society should only be directive but not dictatorial for the youth to follow. Just sheer forces of education and globalization has made children come up and imagine the unimaginable.Every one wants to be a Doctor,Engineer,Pilot,a sportstar or a celebrity face.The confidence we enjoy today is many a times higher than our previous generations who were simply agrarian.As outlook reshapes itself with confidence,capability and creativeness we feel like best armed battalions fighting wrecked armies of delusive past.

Girls today are perhaps as active as boys.They seek freedom and space in society and that is independent india’s greatest achievement.Now we have two sexes sharing the responsibility of social,economic and technological advancement almost equally.It will certainly lead to accrue our capacity to be a tolerant advanced nation.The Free Market ideology is likely to be a great success in india,we are one of the fastest growing consumer market in the world because of  our demographics.A pair of levi’s,Rayban’s sunglasses,or Yamaha’s or Pulsar’s ,Mcdonalds and luxury lounges these all thrive in market because of us and only because of us does the aged world gets its IT services,celerity ,security and peace at work.

It is the divergence of thoughts of young minds that will make India converge closer to being a hegemon in new world order of 21st century at a blistering pace.With 47% of INDIA’s population under 20 today we enjoy one of the largest demographic dividend in the world.India in transition is a sensitive issue and i feel INDIA post 2020 will be completely different from what we have been as a nation so far.It is responsibility of the policy makers,business tycoons and present generation to direct these youth to perfection so that this dividend returns the highest yield.

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