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Selected Excerpts from articles

I am out of that black hole and can go on to become a selfish ,rich person away from this black hole or i can pretend to live in this black hole but be in the light .But i choose neither of these are ways out for me .I would love to be hated and drag that black hole into light so that more of my friends ,my compatriots whom i love so much to come into light and that requires me to do something no one else dares to ,i.e spread the truth and honesty and whom People call god Jesus,Ram,Prophet,Guru i call him “the unknown”.And my that “unknown” teaches me just one thing to be honest and truth no matter people like you or not.For those are respected who do crimes at darkest hours of the night with black coats and cloacks,with masks on their face so that they be invisible even to the eyes of a black cat or a eagle.For those are respected who do crimes away in the light but live in the dark.But i don’t want to be so I will stand upto fight all this and have a truly equal world for all be it men or women they are equal and second to none .They must be in light. (When light Escaped the Black Hole)

Dreams-Drugs-Diseases and Dreams-Doctrines-Dictators these 3 d’s when followed often lead to Disastrous consequences.And one is likely to follow these in his youth days.So my dear friends be aware of these black D’s and avoid them.Your good dreams are worth a million gems and bring success and pride to your family and place.(Youth and their dreams)

The problem of india so far has been it’s low base to start with almost every aspect and that the so called Hindu rate of growth of about 3%, didn’t really made any substantive addition in absolute terms to that low base for over 3 decades since independence.1980’s saw a period of pick up as india achieved 6% decadal growth rate.1990’s maintained that 6%, 2000’s went to average 7%, and 2010’s are likely to clock over 8% at the least.Growth means ,expansion in budget expendditure to higher and higher volumes, and this expansion in budget means , expansion in expenditure in almost every sector from health , education, infrastructure, agriculture, industry  to defence ,research and space.Just to illustrate it with an example , defence budget  in 2008 amounted to approximately $30 billions, assuming 10% growth rates in defence allocation it would amount to $78 billion by 2018 an amount that is as big as what china’s official defence budget claims to be.So is the case with education expenditure, health and infrastructure.All of these are likely to cross $ 100 billion mark , or reach close to that figure in 10-15 years,thanks to impressive growth trajectory we are on.And it does send waves of optimism amongst indians today.(Sustainable And Inclusive Growth)

The question is whether are we using our democratic freedom to check on the state and centre legislature.Apathetic answer is no. Democracy has been taken in wrong terms by large proportion of population.All they know is to protest for their demands, create riot like conditions, sit on dharna’s, damage public property, burn public transport vehicles , set trains on fire and so on and this for their individual demands, like reservation or salary increase forcing the state to accept their demands unwillingly.This idea of democracy has bred in our society corruption and lethargy .It is amazing why these people can’t come out on streets and demand better hospitals, schools, universities, regular power and water supply, environment activism and economic reforms themselves and not depend on bombastic populist commitments of political parties which never materialise. At best even if people in india rally for these causes it is spearheaded by opposition political parties for damaging the ruling party image.Never do people come out themselves to raise their voice for things that will bring them better economic reward than for once in a decade salary increase or reservation.(Democracy and how it is perceived)

I believe individual is bigger than ideology,so because ideology is only a small part of one’s individuality,a justification follows from translating the statement into space,the abysmal space hosting billions of galaxies,stars.If we were to trvel far deep in space,we would come across giant annihilators of universe,The Black Holes,Quasars,Supernova,it would take them just a fraction of time to eat into the whole surroundings,one would just begin to loath oneself,the universe,everybody for living at mercy of these creatures and move far away lamenting their power without looking back at them,but hey wait on a second just look back and you will realize you can never ever experience this scenic beauty again,ahh the same Supernova,Quasars look like as if they are the brightest diamond in a garland of jewels,the ultimate artistic masterpiece of imagination,an adorable sight at just a glance no matter what lies there.You travel farther away ,reach your home Earth and again look back and smile,and say yes those trillions of stars are just flashing at you making you feel like a celebrity,You love yourself and feel proud to be in this marvelous universe.(IDEOLOGY vs Individual)

Gross enrollment ratio (GER) is an indicator to measure the ratio of persons in all age groups enrolled in various programs to total population of age group 18 to 23.In 1950-51 the enrollment rate was 0.7%, which increased to 11% in 2007.Comparatively the GER in developed nations of the west (56%), or even east asia is more than 40%.What this low GER means is that the drop out rate in india is very high and  70 % students fail to remain in schools even till their secondary examination.We might be producing 6 lakh engineers each year, a number that dwarfs 80 thousand engineers produced in U.S.A each year, but the real picture is that out of a population of 113.3 million (1133 lakhs) in the age group 18-23 years according to 2001 national census, only 14.4(144 lakhs) were enrolled in higher studies, that implies a massive 98.4 million (984 lakhs) students who completed senior secondary wouldn’t study anymore.

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