In any democratic setup, political parties arise by drawing strength from votebanks created on basis of pro people specific issues like populist politics on religion, caste, development, secularism etc.But there is a flaw in this setup , as people unknowingly in return end up votring for too many parties , which results in a fractured verdict of the people and a handicapped government on lots of issues , as to prevail consensus eludes.This has been story of indian politics since 1990, and perhaps we are worse than some other multiparty democracies of west as our opposition parties also have only one capability and that is to protest , oppose and defame government on whatever policy initiative it takes.No wonder why we had seven Prime ministers since 1990 when we should have had just  four.

Also the fractured governance for me is one of the biggest challenge india faces in 21st century.We can not afford it, as it is unreliable, unwilling and a lethargic government that will always fail to meet the expectations of reforms.It is sad that people blame government after government on failing to meet expectations and still continue to elect a government that stands on double edged sword of unrelenting opposition on one hand from opposition parties and also its coalition partners for support to meet required numbers for wining trust votes and continue to govern.Strange that we people have made a political party winning 180-200 seats beg for support from parties winning just 10 seats to continue governance.A pathetic state.

Who is to blame? I blame the people of india , the youth , the middle class, the elites, and the poor for all of them have visualised a different sense of government policies suiting their self interests, rather than thinking for the interests of the nation. If we continue to pursue our own self interests above and over the interests of the nation , i am afraid we  might never become a powerful respectable nation.

I urge the readers and people of india to choose a political discourse in the name of development of the nation and benchmark which political party of the two big , INC and BJP they want to vote for against their performance in reality. I am going to vote for pro inclusive growth party and so i vote for INC, whom do you?

More quickly do we limit the rise of smaller parties onto centre stage , better we secure the future of india and more efficient we make the governance process, Lets unite indians to give mandate to rule to a political party on its own, without needing support of allies, Lets vote indians for 272+ seats for a single party, Lets vote for 2014, Lets vote for INC.

Categories: POLITICS
  1. apoorav
    April 4, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    i like ur article. ur objective of having only 2 main parties is well thought bt saying that INC is best “vote for INC” looks as if u are campaining for them..i m in favour of INC bt this issue is subjective ..as ur article is public based i think it should be unbiased.

    • April 6, 2010 at 6:06 pm

      @ apoorav,
      it is open for people to decide their choice, it might seem pro INC, but then they are my views.

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